Monday, October 15th 2007

12:00 AM

"Hilly's Memorial" - CBGB's - October - 15 - 2007 - New York City

Hilly's Memorial was a special evening...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           evening. Seeing Re-Uniting with many friends from the past  &  present was a reality check of the time line we call 'life'.                         

Seeing & hearing family - friends & fans - speaking of a man who put their music on the map...RIP 'Hilly'...Check out some pics from the evening.

Syl Doll - Sesu Tramp - Ivan Kral {Patti Smith}

Syl Doll - Snooky {Manic Panic - Sic F*cks}

Natasha & Tish {Manic Panic & Sic F*cks}

Sesu - John H. {PUNK} & girlfriend -

Syl Doll                      


Syl - New York Dolls

Bobby Steele {The Undead & Misfits} & Frank Wood {Otto's Shrunken Head}

Syl Doll & Sesu Tramp

Discussing the daze'


'Tish' & Sesu Tramp

Sesu Tramp & Marty Rev {Suicide}

Natasha & Tish - Lookin' Good...

A "Snooky" Smile

              Sesu Tramp - Rev {Suicide} - Frank Wood

'Tommy Ramone' & Sesu Tramp


            Sesu Tramp & Rev {Suicide}

'Tish' & Hubby


Natasha & Syl...

                       NYC Rocker w/ Tish & Hubby

Annie Golder {The Shirts}

& Ivan Kral {Patti Smith}

'Ivan Kral' Tribute to 'Hilly'


Ivan ....




Annie Goldner {The Shirts} helps hold lyric sheet - teamwork - sang beautifully by Ivan.

Song Over...

'Hilly's' Grandson & best friend with an emotional heart felt story...


Bobby Steele

{'The Undead' & 'Misfits'}

'Tommy Ramone" reflecting on Hilly...

'Tommy Ramone' - storytelling

 'Tommy Ramone'

recalling 'CBGB's'

'Tish & Snooky'

memories of 'Hilly'

{Manic Panic - 'Sic F*cks'}


John Holmstrom - 'PUNK' mag...

Cheetah Chrome

"'Hilly' saved my life".....Cheetah Chrome reflects...

"Living Color"

breaking barriers...

'Tina Weymouth'

'Talking Heads' - remembering playing CBGB's

Richard Lloyd  - 'Television'

  'Tommy Ramone' & 'Richard Hell'  

                                               'Danny Fields'

'Richard Hell'

"Lisa" - 'Hilly's daughter...

'Russell Wolinsky'

"Sick F*cks"

'Annie Golden'

singer "The Shirts"

The Boyz

Sly Doll - Sesu Tramp - Ivan Kral


"We'll Miss Ya' Hilly"


 painting from a fan....




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