Tuesday, October 23rd 2007

12:00 AM

"Patricia Field" Party - NYC - October 23-2007

Patricia Field knows how to throw a Party !!!

Launching a new 'Shoe-Boot & Handbag' line along with 'Costume Designer' for the film "Sex & The City"

She is one busy Lady...


Natasha - Ayumi

   Sesu - Ayumi                  


Special Guest


Andre' & Natasha

'Amanda LaPore'


Sushi - Buyer @ Patricia Field      

Hangin' with Andre'

Sushi & Natasha - hangin' out...

Natasha & Sesu - Party Animals

                   'Moto'... Some Like It Hot !       

Hangin' with Neon Music

Checkin' out the action on the 'Bowery'

                               Continplatin'... the..."Crime Scene"             

 Jackie Rudin...Friend Of Eric Emerson's & writer for the 'Village Voice' & Artist - Great to re-Unite !

'Neon Music' & 'Ayumi'

                'Neon Music' talkin'about his new music video 

                           {check out his 'My Space'} verycool...   

The Boyz...

"Patricia Field" {Costume Designer for 'Sex & The City' & 'The Devil Wears Prada' among other things  & "Natasha" - Legendary Punk Clothing Designer - Sharing A Moment at a festive event...

The gang's all here....'Ayumi - Natasha -Veruska Music - Sesu ... 'Party On'   

             "The SingingSensations"              


Veruska Music - *Hot-Hot-Hot*


                              "Like My Shoes ?"

                Such A Beautiful Planet -        'Visual Art'

"It's All Good"

Partners On The Bowery

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