Wednesday, March 10th 2010

12:00 PM

"The Magic Tramps" - 'The Scene' Page

The "Magic Tramps" invite you to the 'Scene' page that will have events in & around - but not limited to 'NYC'. This page will be updated often with new happenings in the music & art scene. If you would like to post events - comments - email me @ on the main 'Contact' page - or simply leave a comment on any 'Scene' event for  review & post. Check this page frequently as it will be cool & informative as well as updated often. Check out the "Merch" page if you need some 'off the wall' cool stuff...So stay cool & 'Keep The Flame Alive'...

 "Moonlight Dust"


                         Eric Emerson

Today - May 28'th - 2010 marks the 35'th year that our friend - band mate & brother passed......He is thought of daily & remembered by some often - He will be in  our hearts forever .....Another member of Rock & Roll Heaven ......A unique character not to be duplicated. Crack that whip - sing "Magic In The Moonlight" on this beautiful & full Moon......And echo your statement "Let's Take A Trip"......You are missed ........You are a "Magic Tramp"......






The "Cramps" were original...



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"Happy Birthday" - Authur "Killer" Kane...
You will be in our hearts - prayers & thoughts forever.....
A true "New York Doll"