Friday, February 8th 2008

12:00 AM

"Rocko Dorsey"

The power pop trio called the - "Rocko Dorsey" - band Rocked the "Haunt" in upstate New York Friday night 2-8-08. They are preparing to hit the recording studio with new songs for a CD this month. I hear the new material really Rocks'. I caught their show last year on their way to gig in the 'SBSW' show in Austin. They are high energy & put on quite a show....

The band is:

 Rocko Dorsey - Guitar & vocals

D.D. Mancuso -  Drums

Jeff Walker - Bass & BU Vocals...

 Check out their -

Until then - check out some pics taken & sent to me by musician & fan - 

'Audio Joad'......'Keepin' The Flame Alive'...


Rocko Dorsey

D.D. Mancuso

Jeff Walker





Guitar Stand Pic'       

Rock On...


Great Show Guys...

"It's All For The Love Of Rock & Roll"

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