Tuesday, December 30th 2008

12:00 AM

"DICTATORS" - cd - "Everyday Is Saturday"

Thanx To 'NYCDreamin' - {Icicle Boy} for posting this piece of NYC music history....

The CD is "Dictators" - "Everyday Is Saturday".
Released in late 2007. Here is the cover art: http://assets.mog.com/amg/pop/cov200/drj600/j631/j63181iffzd.jpg
Excerpt from the liner notes RE: Manitoba joins Dictators)
"The Manitoba "Big Bang" happened one fateful night (03/29/74) at Popeye's Spinach Factory, Emmons Avenue, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, March of '74, I believe. (If you want precise info, about any of this stuff, check out Top Ten's notes on this record. I don't remember what I had for lunch yesterday. Well, actually I DO!) The drunk party meister roadie (Richard Blum) got up on stage and did a DEE-RUNK, KEY-razed, EEE-lectric, manic, anything goes, all bets are off, it's now anarchy, fully out of control version of the Chip Taylor/Troggs classic "Wild Thing". It brought the house down. A star was born. JUdy Garland had nothing on Handsome Dick Manitoba.
The list of well known folk who were in attendance seems to grow each year, as is common with folk lore of any kind. Chris Stein of Blondie tells me he was there. David Peel of David Peel and the Lower East Side tells me the same thing, Eric Emerson, the Magic Tramps. The Warhol crew, I know was there.
It was the moment the Dictators became THE DICTATORS. The family was complete."

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