Sunday, July 5th 2009

12:00 AM

"Loss - "Past & Present"......

Exactly one year ago today..We lost a multi-media artist-guitarist-brother-friend- fellow musician & the original guitarist of the "Magic Tramps" {AKA -"Messiah"}.Youngblood - {"Xavier"-Damien}..He passed away in NYC & will always be remembered & respected as a true talent of the arts. He had a belief system he stuck to, no matter what was popular. One of a kind-never forgotten.

 "I will not Vanish"-YB {Drums Of Fire}..........

"Earth Day" # 1

1970 - Cal. State

Youngblood -  Guitar

Sesu - Drums

Lary Chaplan - Violin



We are losing many of the greats - such as Michael Jackson - Sky Saxon & the list goes on...Let's say a prayer & light a candle for all those lost in the arts.....& appreciate what we have & the fact we are able to live - luv - & enjoy music...Along with those who brought it to us....Bless all.


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