Wednesday, March 10th 2010

12:00 PM

"The Magic Tramps" - 'The Scene' Page

The "Magic Tramps" invite you to the 'Scene' page that will have events in & around - but not limited to 'NYC'. This page will be updated often with new happenings in the music & art scene. If you would like to post events - comments - email me @ on the main 'Contact' page - or simply leave a comment on any 'Scene' event for  review & post. Check this page frequently as it will be cool & informative as well as updated often. Check out the "Merch" page if you need some 'off the wall' cool stuff...So stay cool & 'Keep The Flame Alive'...

 "Moonlight Dust"


                         Eric Emerson

Today - May 28'th - 2010 marks the 35'th year that our friend - band mate & brother passed......He is thought of daily & remembered by some often - He will be in  our hearts forever .....Another member of Rock & Roll Heaven ......A unique character not to be duplicated. Crack that whip - sing "Magic In The Moonlight" on this beautiful & full Moon......And echo your statement "Let's Take A Trip"......You are missed ........You are a "Magic Tramp"......






The "Cramps" were original...



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Sunday, July 5th 2009

12:00 AM

"Loss - "Past & Present"......

Exactly one year ago today..We lost a multi-media artist-guitarist-brother-friend- fellow musician & the original guitarist of the "Magic Tramps" {AKA -"Messiah"}.Youngblood - {"Xavier"-Damien}..He passed away in NYC & will always be remembered & respected as a true talent of the arts. He had a belief system he stuck to, no matter what was popular. One of a kind-never forgotten.

 "I will not Vanish"-YB {Drums Of Fire}..........

"Earth Day" # 1

1970 - Cal. State

Youngblood -  Guitar

Sesu - Drums

Lary Chaplan - Violin



We are losing many of the greats - such as Michael Jackson - Sky Saxon & the list goes on...Let's say a prayer & light a candle for all those lost in the arts.....& appreciate what we have & the fact we are able to live - luv - & enjoy music...Along with those who brought it to us....Bless all.


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Wednesday, June 3rd 2009

12:00 AM

"Harlots Of 42'nd Street"

I know many have been asking for some "Harlots" music & some just arrived....Thanx guys...


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Thursday, May 28th 2009

12:00 AM

Eric Emerson - RIP - A unique individual.....Always ready .....


Eric Emerson had his finale' in NYC on this day in 1975......A loss to the scene & his loved ones....A Warhol Superstar & always ready for adventure....

He lived life to the fullest. I'm proud to have been able to make music with him for years & experience the 'Wild Side' together.....never a dull moment....The 'Magic tramps' allowed Eric to be Eric.....Please read the above link for a few details you might have missed along the way & a special thanx to 'NYC Dreamin' for taking the time & interest to put this piece together...Also for a year of informative music information to share...Keep up the good job........

Eric is most likely "Kickin' Up Moonlight Dust" - as he sings "Magic In The Moonlight"......A true 'Superstar'........

Sesu Tramp

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Saturday, May 23rd 2009

12:00 AM

Eric Emerson - Friend - Musical Brother & Mentor........

This video is in honor of Eric Emerson who passed on 5-28-75 in NYC-However on 5-26-71 Eric-Lary {violin} & Sesu {percussion} were performing at the "Vain Victory"-Off Broadway play with Candy Darling-Jackie Curtis & a host of many. This was to be saved for a "Magic Tramps" {aka-"Messiah"} story-but-In honor-of Eric-Enjoy a taste of time.

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Tuesday, December 30th 2008

12:00 AM

"DICTATORS" - cd - "Everyday Is Saturday"

Thanx To 'NYCDreamin' - {Icicle Boy} for posting this piece of NYC music history....

The CD is "Dictators" - "Everyday Is Saturday".
Released in late 2007. Here is the cover art:
Excerpt from the liner notes RE: Manitoba joins Dictators)
"The Manitoba "Big Bang" happened one fateful night (03/29/74) at Popeye's Spinach Factory, Emmons Avenue, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, March of '74, I believe. (If you want precise info, about any of this stuff, check out Top Ten's notes on this record. I don't remember what I had for lunch yesterday. Well, actually I DO!) The drunk party meister roadie (Richard Blum) got up on stage and did a DEE-RUNK, KEY-razed, EEE-lectric, manic, anything goes, all bets are off, it's now anarchy, fully out of control version of the Chip Taylor/Troggs classic "Wild Thing". It brought the house down. A star was born. JUdy Garland had nothing on Handsome Dick Manitoba.
The list of well known folk who were in attendance seems to grow each year, as is common with folk lore of any kind. Chris Stein of Blondie tells me he was there. David Peel of David Peel and the Lower East Side tells me the same thing, Eric Emerson, the Magic Tramps. The Warhol crew, I know was there.
It was the moment the Dictators became THE DICTATORS. The family was complete."

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Thursday, December 4th 2008

2:08 PM

"Pretty Vacant" - "A History Of UK Punk" - {Phil Strongman} 2008

Greetings Boyz & Girlz....Through technology I somehow lost most of 2008 posts...Lost in the abiss...meanwhile here is one of the links to a recent book that mentions the "Magic Tramps" on pages #59 & #60.....check it out. I will try to locate some of the others. Enjoy ---

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Monday, October 6th 2008

12:00 AM

"Patricia Field" - NYC Partee' - 10-6-08

"Patricia Field"Costume Designer - had another Party in NYC .......A taste Of The big Apple on 10-6-08......

NYC Girls...Hangin' Loose...

"Barbie Doll" - {Stocking Stuffer}

'A Match Made In Heaven' - Veruska & Neon

'Cocktails Anyone?'


"Barbie Doll" & "Leland" - Discussing the Meaning Of Life"

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Wednesday, October 1st 2008

12:00 AM

"James Dean Memorial" - Fairmount - Indiana - 9-30-08

"Happy Birthday" - Authur "Killer" Kane...
You will be in our hearts - prayers & thoughts forever.....
A true "New York Doll"


‘He’s the coolest person on the planet’

Dean fans gather once again to honor legendary local

By Mishele Wright
Published: Wednesday, October 1, 2008 1:16 AM EDT
FAIRMOUNT — Janssens Carine’s longtime dream came true this week. She and her friend, Ria Nys, traveled from Belgium to the United States for one reason: to visit James Dean’s hometown during the anniversary of his death.

The two women attended the James Dean memorial service Tuesday at Back Creek Friends Church. They then followed the procession to Park Cemetery, where they took photographs of themselves in front of Dean’s tombstone.

“I’m emotional,” Carine said. “I’m having the time of my life.”

She said she’s been a fan of the actor since she was a teenager. She began arranging her trip to Fairmount early this year.

“The people here are so friendly, so warm,” Carine said about Fairmount residents.

She said Dean is still popular in Belgium, too.

“In the shops, there are still things to buy with his picture,” she said.

Close to 100 fans gathered at the church to celebrate Dean’s life and talent Tuesday. Some of the fans shared their thoughts about Dean.

Sam Carlin Sr., Jacksonville, Fla., told the crowd of fans that he’d been coming to the memorial for four years and that this year could be his last year. Carlin is battling cancer and was given only a little time left to live. The audience stood and clapped for Carlin after he was finished speaking.

“It was very important for my daughter to see the love people have in this town and the love and inspiration James Dean has given me over the years,” Carlin said.

He brought his daughter, Mia Carlin, to the memorial Tuesday. Mia said it was important for her to be with her father. She risked losing her job to come, she said.

“This is a big deal for him,” she said. “He’s been begging me for a long time.”

Patricia Hudson has been coming to the memorial service for four years. The Portland resident said she thinks it’s great that Dean is still popular.

“I think it will continue,” she said. “There are always die-hard fans.”

Mark Kinnaman agreed that Dean’s legacy will live on for years to come.

“Every year, I find new fans,” he said. “Then we have the old die-hards like me. There are no signs of dying out.”

Kinnaman has been coming to the memorial since 1989. He said he moved to Fairmount in 2001 because of James Dean. He has four rooms full of Dean collectibles. Each year during the Dean festival, Kinnaman gives tours of Fairmount, highlighting spots of interest related to Dean. Kinnaman said he isn’t surprised Dean is still popular.

“James Dean is James Dean,” he said. “His popularity can raise and lower, but there’s always going to be someone he speaks to.”

The reason Kinnaman loves Dean so much is simple: “The fact that he’s the coolest person on the planet,” he said, “and always will be.”

Karen and Bob Rothermel traveled to Fairmount from Pennsylvania for the second year in a row.

“We’re James Dean fans and car fans,” Karen said. “We love cars.”

Bob said Dean was influential in his life. He remembers watching his movies when he was 12 years old. Last year, the couple didn’t know about the memorial service, they said.

“We started planning this right away so we could get here on Tuesday,” Karen said.

The couple said they were impressed with the festival and with Fairmount in general.

“It’s a beautiful (place),” Karen said. “Everybody was extremely friendly. The museum is fantastic. We discovered how talented (Dean) was in all areas.”

She said she and her husband will definitely be back to the James Dean festival in the future.

“We’re more impressed with James Dean now than when we were younger,” Bob said.

Nicky Bazooka once again led the procession to the cemetery and laid flowers on Dean’s grave. Before leaving the church, however, he made a few brief comments to the fans.

“I’m so glad we can all get together at least once a year to celebrate his life and work here in Fairmount,” he told the crowd. “Like Santa Claus, I’ll be back next year.”

Bazooka has been coming to the memorial for well more than 30 years.

“I’ve done it for so many years now, people would be disappointed if I didn’t,” he said.

Bazooka thinks it’s great that Dean has become such an icon, but he is surprised at the popularity.

“When we first started doing this, it wasn’t a big deal,” he said.

Being a mystery is hard work, though, Bazooka said. His motorcycle gets ridden only once a year, and it sometimes can be a battle to get to Fairmount, he said.

“But it’s worth it,” he said. “I’ve been hanging out with ‘Deaners’ now most of my life.”



"James Dean Festival" - Fairmount - Indiana - 9-26-08 - Thru - 9-28-08...

"James Dean Memorial" - 9-30-08...

A great time was had by all...Visitors from all over the Planet ...LA - Japan - Belgium - Florida - New York - & elsewhere...

below are a few pics taken by a good friend...

 'Mary Ann Michna'

Artist & Photographer... 

A taste of another reality:

Kip Brown - Author - Musician --- Miss Pamela Des Barres - Author --- Marcus Winslow - James Dean's cousin --- Sesu Coleman - Musician - Manager ---

"Deaners All"

Photo taken at the 'Winslow' farm - Fairmount - Indiana - where Jimmy grew up...

Kip Brown & Sesu - James Dean Memorial - 9-30-08 - After Church service...

Pamela Des Barres & Lenny from "Rebel-Rebel" shop - dancing to 50's music upstairs continuing the party...


Pamela Des Barres - Marcus Winslow - Kip Brown & Jimmy's first car....a beauty

One Cooooool House !!!

More pics taken from the event from friend - & "Deaner" - Kip Brown...

Deep in thought at James Dean's grave - Sesu - Katherine & Rachel ...Picture puzzle of the mind.

Hangin' loose....Zach - Kim - Sesu - Mary Ann Michna...


The Princess 'Pamela Des Barres' & 'Sesu' with the Winslow farmhouse where James Dean grew up in the backround....worth a million words.

Also a shout goes out to 'David Loehr' for organizing the 'James Dean' festival this year - a great event...










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Saturday, July 5th 2008

2:27 PM

"Youngblood" - Original Guitarist - "Magic Tramps" - RIP



"It is with deep sadness & sorrow that we announce today the loss of one of the founding members of the Magic Tramps (formerly known as 'Messiah').
'Youngblood' {a.k.a. 'Damon" & 'X') passed away 12 hours ago on 07/05/08 in New York City. He was with his only son and loved one...
Youngblood on guitar, along with Lary Chaplan on Violin and Sesu Coleman on drums created a magical tour that spanned for decades. Eric Emerson joined the trio and they became the 'Magic Tramps'. Youngblood will be remembered for his passion of art combined with music and visual presentation of everything he did. A huge loss for us, along with his family and loved ones.
He performed last weekend in NYC with his current band called 'American Dream'. His guitar style was unique, melodic and magical. His guitar playing on the Magic Tramps CD 'Kickin' Up Moonlight Dust' was a taste of his style. He will be truely missed and never forgotten.
A memorial will be held in the future as the dust settles.
A lover of Dali, Picasso, and the blues, he formed a multi-media mind of art and music. He was a brother - The Neon-Cosmic-Spaceman's music will forever be rembered. We love ya 'Blood"..."

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Thursday, May 1st 2008

12:00 AM

2008 Lost Mentions & Interesting Read......


Thanx to my friend "NYCDreamin'" for finding these:

Title: Glam! - Bowie, Bolan and the Glitter Rock Revolution
Author: Barry Hoskyns
Published: 1998 by Pocket Books
Magic Tramps info to be found on pages: 70-71, 76, 98
"To a fan like Jerry Nolan, who would soon be drumming in Wayne County's band Queen Elizabeth, the Dolls were simply bringing back the three minute song in an era of ten-minute drum solos. After a couple of scuzzy midtown gigs in the early spring of 1972, [David] Johansen got word from Max's regular (and Warhol veteran) Eric Emerson that there was a new place to play downtown. Emerson had formed his own band, the Magic Tramps, and was holding down a regular night at the Mercer Arts Center, a theatre arts complex which had been renovated in a style that coupled Clockwork Orange decor with Victorian chandeliers. 'Eric was out of his mind, but he was a great guy,' says Johansen. 'He had a thing going in the video room, the Kitchen, where Nam June Paik would put on his videos of John Giorno taking a nap or whatever, and [Eric] said 'Why don't you come down and play with me?' So we went down and opened for him, and Al Lewis - who booked the place and was this old-time showbiz guy with a suit and toupee - comes running up to me and says 'Play again! Play again!' After the show he said he wanted to give us our own room, on Tuesdays, at midnight."
"...and there were a lot of loft gatherings, people trying to recreate the Factory feel. Sometimes there'd be partis, and the Dolls would start playing, or the Magic tramps would start playing. Eric was astounding. He could leap through the air like Rudolf Nureyev. He would wear Iggy Pop costumes but added sparkles and glitter to his costumes. Iggy could contort, but Eric could fly through the air like a fucking bird."                         - Bebe Buell
"Watching the Dolls play the Mercer in February 1973 - on a Valentine's day bill with the Magic Tramps, Queen Elizabeth, et al. - the English writer Miles was astonished by the spectacle of a 'new wave of New York groups who've picked up on Bolan, Slade, Elton and Bowie in a big way and combined them with such historical figures as the Fugs, the early Mothers, and Lou Reed', and observed that 'LA soft-rock has been stomped on by glittering, lurid, day-glo platform shoes.' "
"But David Bowie, one of glam's chief architects, was fast outgrowing the genere, creating in [the] Diamond Dogs [LP], what Charles Shaar Murray described as 'the final nightmare of the glittering apocalypse'. Produced by Tony Visconti and released in April 1974, the album was Ziggy Stardust crossed with Burrough's Wild Boys, an overwraught Orwellian song cycle set in a dystopian Manhattan of the future and writter in a state of coked-out paranoia. 'Most of the songs are obscure tangles of perversion, degredation, fear and self pity,' wrote Eric Emerson of the Magic Tramps in a Rolling Stone review. 'Are they masturbatory fantasies, guilt ridden projections, terrified premonitions, aor is it all Alice Cooper exploitation?' A quarter century later, it's still hard to answer that question."


Quotes from:
"Glam! Bowie, Bolan and the Glitter Rock Revolution"
by Barney Hoskyns (199
p.71 (Bebe Buell)
"...there were a lot of loft gatherings, people trying to recreate the Factory feel. Sometimes there'd be parties, and the Dolls would start playing, or the Magic Tramps would start playing. Eric was astounding. He could leap through the air like Rudolph Nureyev. He would wear Iggy Pop costumes but added sparkles and glitter to his costumes. Iggy could contort, but Eric could fly through the air like a fucking bird."
p. 76
Watching the Dolls play the Mercer in February 1973 - on a Valentines Day bill with the Magic Tramps, Queen Elizabeth, et al - the English writer [Sylvia] Miles was astonished by the spectacle of a 'new wave of New York Groups who've picked up on Bolan, Slade, Elton and Bowie in a big way and combined them with such historical figures as the Fugs, the early Mothers and Lou Reed', and observed that 'LA soft rock has been stomped on by glittering, lurid, day-glo platform shoes.'
p. 98 (Includes a quote from Eric Emerson)
...David Bowie, one of glam's chief architects, was fast outgrowing the genere, creating in [his] "Diamond Dogs" [LP]what Charles Shaar Murray described as 'the final nightmare of the glitter apocalypse.' Produced by Tony Visconti and released in April 1974, the album was "Ziggy Stardust" crossed with William Burroughs' "Wild Boys", an Orwellian song cycle set in a dystopian Manhattan of the future and written in a state of coked-out paranoia. 'Most of the songs are obscure tangles of perversion, degredation, fear and self-pity,' wrote Eric Emerson of the Magic Tramps in a Rolling Stone [magazine] review [of the album]. 'Are they masturbatory fantasies, guilt-ridden projections, terrified premonitions, or is it all Alice Cooper exploitation?' A quarter century later, it's still hard to answer that question.


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Monday, April 0th 2008

12:00 AM

"Bob Gruen" - Photo Party - NYC - 4 - 08

Natasha & Clem Burke {Blondie}

Hangin' With Debbie Harry & Toilet Boy

After Party - "Luigi"

Hangin' w/ "Howie Pyro" & "Lenny Kaye"

"Eli" - the Sweetheart......

The infamous - "Rev" from "Suicide" - rock on !!!

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Saturday, March 8th 2008

3:24 PM

"Baird Jones" - RIP - NYC - Art - Film - & Fun - 2008

Another loss in the NYC art world in early 2008...

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Friday, February 8th 2008

12:00 AM

"Rocko Dorsey"

The power pop trio called the - "Rocko Dorsey" - band Rocked the "Haunt" in upstate New York Friday night 2-8-08. They are preparing to hit the recording studio with new songs for a CD this month. I hear the new material really Rocks'. I caught their show last year on their way to gig in the 'SBSW' show in Austin. They are high energy & put on quite a show....

The band is:

 Rocko Dorsey - Guitar & vocals

D.D. Mancuso -  Drums

Jeff Walker - Bass & BU Vocals...

 Check out their -

Until then - check out some pics taken & sent to me by musician & fan - 

'Audio Joad'......'Keepin' The Flame Alive'...


Rocko Dorsey

D.D. Mancuso

Jeff Walker





Guitar Stand Pic'       

Rock On...


Great Show Guys...

"It's All For The Love Of Rock & Roll"

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Sunday, January 27th 2008

12:00 AM

'Shanta Williams' - 'Birthday Bash' - Parkside Lounge - NYC

'Shanta Williams' Vocalist - backed by 'Windfall' - Featuring - Sesu Tramp on Drums - Derek Reese - {son of 'Magic Tramps' guitarist, Kevin Reese} on Guitar & Tom Bakas {who recorded & performed with Lary Tramp & Sesu Tramp in the late 70's} on Keyboards - {while Lary Tramp earlier lent some Musical Magic to the songs} had a blast helping 'Shanta' celebrate her Birthday Bash with some cool original music.

Enjoy a few candid pics - 'Dali' - 'Warhol' style...As that was the way the night unfolded...


Birthday GirlBirthday Girl...



Drumming To "Queen Pin" 

Sesu & Shanta






                           Sesu - Shanta - Tom... 



                        'Music Has No Boundries'






 Sesu & Shanta - 'Bonding'                    


On Stage - Finding The Groove...

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Tuesday, October 23rd 2007

12:00 AM

"Patricia Field" Party - NYC - October 23-2007

Patricia Field knows how to throw a Party !!!

Launching a new 'Shoe-Boot & Handbag' line along with 'Costume Designer' for the film "Sex & The City"

She is one busy Lady...


Natasha - Ayumi

   Sesu - Ayumi                  


Special Guest


Andre' & Natasha

'Amanda LaPore'


Sushi - Buyer @ Patricia Field      

Hangin' with Andre'

Sushi & Natasha - hangin' out...

Natasha & Sesu - Party Animals

                   'Moto'... Some Like It Hot !       

Hangin' with Neon Music

Checkin' out the action on the 'Bowery'

                               Continplatin'... the..."Crime Scene"             

 Jackie Rudin...Friend Of Eric Emerson's & writer for the 'Village Voice' & Artist - Great to re-Unite !

'Neon Music' & 'Ayumi'

                'Neon Music' talkin'about his new music video 

                           {check out his 'My Space'} verycool...   

The Boyz...

"Patricia Field" {Costume Designer for 'Sex & The City' & 'The Devil Wears Prada' among other things  & "Natasha" - Legendary Punk Clothing Designer - Sharing A Moment at a festive event...

The gang's all here....'Ayumi - Natasha -Veruska Music - Sesu ... 'Party On'   

             "The SingingSensations"              


Veruska Music - *Hot-Hot-Hot*


                              "Like My Shoes ?"

                Such A Beautiful Planet -        'Visual Art'

"It's All Good"

Partners On The Bowery

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Friday, October 19th 2007

12:00 AM

"The Factory & Friends Exhibition Celebration"-NYC-10-19-07

'Christopher M. Lynch' put on a spectacular art exhibit in NYC honoring Andy Warhol's 'Factory' Studio...Those who were part of or had been touched by the 'Factory' showed up in a colorful fashion.



Right This Way...

-People Watching-

-Art Watching-

Moving Posters

Sesu Poster {Exhibit} & Sesu Live...

'Hoop' & Sesu

Natasha & Sesu hangin'

'Natasha' - with Exhibit Poster...

'Who's that girl"

Another self...

"That's what I think..."

Hangin' with a dear friend & photographer 'Anton Perich'


Which is Which ?

Don't Go Near The Light...

"I've seen her somewhere before ?"

Sesu & 'Misha Sedgwick' {Actress & niece* of Warhol Superstar 'Edie Sedgwick' - 'Factory Girl'} enjoyin' life.

"A Storybook Setting"

                                         The host expresses' himself...

Hangin' with the guy

"To be or not to be?"

OK - You get the picture...

OK - For Art Sake...

Sharing A Story with 'Penelope Palmer' actress & daughter of Warhol Superstar 'Ivy Nicholson' {shown in picture in exhibit} & director 'John Palmer'

Talking about the Warhol scene...


"A Day In The Life"...

"Camera - Ready - Action"...

'Friends' - Ruby Lynn Reyner

Actress - Artist - Singer - Etc.

Great Lady ...

'Ruby & Her Poster'

                                            Ruby - havin' a blast...

"Hold That Tiger !"


"Now - Before We Leave - One More Picture Of Interest - {scroll down...}


A Special Picture Of A Warhol Great !!!

"Billy Name"

A truly great event.....Thanx to everyone who contributed to the Art Scene.....

+++A spectacular evening+++


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Monday, October 15th 2007

12:00 AM

"Hilly's Memorial" - CBGB's - October - 15 - 2007 - New York City

Hilly's Memorial was a special evening...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           evening. Seeing Re-Uniting with many friends from the past  &  present was a reality check of the time line we call 'life'.                         

Seeing & hearing family - friends & fans - speaking of a man who put their music on the map...RIP 'Hilly'...Check out some pics from the evening.

Syl Doll - Sesu Tramp - Ivan Kral {Patti Smith}

Syl Doll - Snooky {Manic Panic - Sic F*cks}

Natasha & Tish {Manic Panic & Sic F*cks}

Sesu - John H. {PUNK} & girlfriend -

Syl Doll                      


Syl - New York Dolls

Bobby Steele {The Undead & Misfits} & Frank Wood {Otto's Shrunken Head}

Syl Doll & Sesu Tramp

Discussing the daze'


'Tish' & Sesu Tramp

Sesu Tramp & Marty Rev {Suicide}

Natasha & Tish - Lookin' Good...

A "Snooky" Smile

              Sesu Tramp - Rev {Suicide} - Frank Wood

'Tommy Ramone' & Sesu Tramp


            Sesu Tramp & Rev {Suicide}

'Tish' & Hubby


Natasha & Syl...

                       NYC Rocker w/ Tish & Hubby

Annie Golder {The Shirts}

& Ivan Kral {Patti Smith}

'Ivan Kral' Tribute to 'Hilly'


Ivan ....




Annie Goldner {The Shirts} helps hold lyric sheet - teamwork - sang beautifully by Ivan.

Song Over...

'Hilly's' Grandson & best friend with an emotional heart felt story...


Bobby Steele

{'The Undead' & 'Misfits'}

'Tommy Ramone" reflecting on Hilly...

'Tommy Ramone' - storytelling

 'Tommy Ramone'

recalling 'CBGB's'

'Tish & Snooky'

memories of 'Hilly'

{Manic Panic - 'Sic F*cks'}


John Holmstrom - 'PUNK' mag...

Cheetah Chrome

"'Hilly' saved my life".....Cheetah Chrome reflects...

"Living Color"

breaking barriers...

'Tina Weymouth'

'Talking Heads' - remembering playing CBGB's

Richard Lloyd  - 'Television'

  'Tommy Ramone' & 'Richard Hell'  

                                               'Danny Fields'

'Richard Hell'

"Lisa" - 'Hilly's daughter...

'Russell Wolinsky'

"Sick F*cks"

'Annie Golden'

singer "The Shirts"

The Boyz

Sly Doll - Sesu Tramp - Ivan Kral


"We'll Miss Ya' Hilly"


 painting from a fan....




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Sunday, September 30th 2007

12:00 AM

"James Dean Memorial" - 9-30-07 - Fairmount - Indiana

On a beautiful fall eve - friends & fans of 'James Dean' gathered around his final resting place in Fairmount Indiana to honor his memory. He was a 'Giant' & a 'Rebel Without A Cause' who sometimes lived 'East Of Eden'...It is amazing the amount of influence he had on actors - musicians - film - & society in general. He was the master of 'Cool'......We had the privilege of hearing a rare piece of music of James Dean singing & laughing. It made the evening with Jimmy complete. Enjoy a few photos from the evening taken by a friend & fan named Mary Ann Michna.....

Pamela DesBarres & Sesu

Kip Brown & Sesu



                                Kip & Sesu 

                      discussing Jimmy






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Tuesday, August 28th 2007

12:00 AM

"Yardbirds" - New York City - 'BB King' Blues Club - August 28 - 2007

As I met & listened this group I grew up with - I realized these musicians & songs were part of my musicial influence. Musicians like 'Eric Clapton'-'Jeff Beck'-'Jimmy Page'- all came from this group called "The Yardbirds". They were musically solid & a great group of guys. The evening ended with good conversation & we all enjoyed sharing stories. I want to thank 'Ron & Dora King' for inviting us to the show. A wonderful evening was had by all...

"Yardbirds" -  Reformation
The Yardbirds, 2006. Left to right: John Idan, Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja.

Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja reformed the Yardbirds in the 1990s, with John Idan handling bass and lead vocals, and touring regularly since then with a number of guitarists and harmonica players passing through their ranks.

In 2003, a new album, Birdland, was released under the Yardbirds name on the Favored Nations label by a lineup including Chris Dreja, Jim McCarty, and new members Gypie Mayo (lead guitar, backing vocals), John Idan (bass, lead vocals) and Alan Glen (harmonica, backing vocals), which consisted of a mixture of new material mostly penned by McCarty and re-recordings of some of their greatest hits, with guest appearances by Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Slash, Brian May, Steve Lukather, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, John Rzeznik, Martin Ditchum and Simon McCarty. Also, Jeff Beck reunited with his former bandmates on the song "My Blind Life". And then there was the rare and improbable guest appearance on stage in 2005 by their first guitarist from the sixties, Top Topham.

Since the release of Birdland, Gypie Mayo has been briefly replaced by Jerry Donahue, and subsequently by 22 year old Ben King, while Alan Glen has been replaced by Billy Boy Miskimmon from Nine Below Zero fame.

Note: The Yardbirds released a live 2007 CD, "Live At B.B. King Blues Club" (Favored Nations).

According the Total Rock website. Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page are to possibly rejoin the Yardbirds for a reunion tour some time in 2008.

Lead vocalist John Idan would retain his front man position. Ben King would also remain as lead guitarist as any reunion with Page and Beck would be temporary.

The first episode of the 2007/2008 season for "The Simpsons" featured The Yardbirds' "I'm A Man" from the CD "Live At B.B. King Blues Club" (Favored Nations).

=The Yardbirds Line-Up =
Ben King - lead guitar
Chris Dreja - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
John Idan - bass, lead vocals
Billy Boy Miskimmin - harmonica, percussion
Jim McCarty - drums, backing vocals
Jim - Sesu - John - Ben 
 John & Chris           
Billy Boy
Ben & Billy Boy     
Billy Boy

          John & Chris
Ben & Billy Boy 
Ben & Billy Boy
 Billy Boy & Jim
 John & Chris 
John & Chris
John & Chris
   Ben King - Guitar 
        Billy Boy & Chris
Rockin' Yardbirds
Jim - Sesu - John - Ben
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Saturday, July 7th 2007

12:00 AM

"MANIC PANIC" - 30 Year Anniversary Party - 7 -7 - 07 -New York City - NY

Congrats' to Tish & Snooky on their 30 year Anniversary Party of "Manic Panic" ...A good time was had by all - Gathered in NYC were friends - fans and curiosity seekers.




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Thursday, June 21st 2007

12:00 AM

"Rockabilly Rebel Weekend" - 6-21-07 - 6-23-07 - Indianapolis Indiana

 Sesu & Mike - 7 Shot Screamers


      The Legend




Thanx To 'David Loehr' For The Great Shows - Rock On Rockabilly' 



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Thursday, May 17th 2007

12:00 AM

'Ruby & The Rednecks' - Johnny 'Mondo Cane' Madera Memorial - NYC - 5-17-07

On With The Show...

        'Ruby & The Rednecks'

Queen Ruby Lynn Reyner

 Ruby In Musical Thought    


"Beat Me Daddy"

A favorite song of mine...

God Bless Ruby's Guitarist

            'Mondo Cane'


Sesu Tramp & Ruby Redneck

Friends Forever...

Ruby is a real NYC icon...

Involved in Music - Theater - Art - Film

& much more - she has always been a true Rep for the Scene...Thanx Ruby


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Friday, April 20th 2007

12:00 AM

Revolution: Natasha Fashion Show


Was a 'Multi-Media' event that featured a variety of concepts. Including dance - fashion - design - music - among other creative outlets. Here are some fashion designs from 'Natasha' - Punk Designer - along with a brief edited review of the show from the local Staten Island - NY media.

Creating a scene

Organizer at fashion and networking night at Arts Cypher aims to get 'everybody talking'
Friday, April 27, 2007

"I'm my own tape," Melanie Rodriguez told the most recent arrivals to the fashion and networking event last Friday at the NYC Arts Cypher in Stapleton.

Ms. Rodriguez, is creator of Trendy Bends jewelry.

She was thrilled to be part of REVOLUTION, an event conceived by photographer Bryan Christopher to, "create a scene where there isn't one," and bring together models, stylists, designers and photographers for a symbiotic evening of fun and fashion.

Makeup artist Chris Milone had little time to network as he worked non-stop with the models who turned up for the event from as far away as Connecticut. 

At 24, Milone, a Huguenot resident, has been doing makeup for 13 years and finds work for his "punk rock kind of look" in theater and independent film.

While break dancers Anthony Ortiz "Megaman" and Neo Tirado, a hip-hop teacher at the Arts Cypher, bent their limber frames into unimaginable angles, Arden Heights resident Jim Whalen, handed out fliers for an artists' cooperative he hopes to start on Staten Island.

"A lot of artists have the greatest ideas," said Whalen. "They know where they want to be but they don't know how to get there. I know how to get there."

"This is kind of what I wanted it to be, everybody talking"  

He studied a bit and worked as an apprentice for fashion photographers in Manhattan and along the way discovered that he not only had talent for capturing a moment, but also was accomplished at bringing people together.

"This is what I do best," he said of his planning skills.

"I just want everybody to have a place where they can come and get their stuff out there, and that's what this entire place is about," he said of the Arts Cypher, a not-for-profit Broad Street venue that boasts an eclectic menu of art and performance pieces.

"It's a perfect fit," Christopher said.

Sesu Coleman, who accompanied the designer Natasha, was surprised to find a place like Arts Cypher on Staten Island, although he found the whole trip here a little daunting.

"Once you're parked and inside it's great," he said. "It's just the whole process."





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Tuesday, December 6th 2005

12:00 AM

'Max's Kansas City's 40th Anniversary: A Celebration of the Arts'

Natasha, Sesu, Anton Perich, & Friends

Sesu & Steve Conte, guitarist-NY Dolls

Sesu & Steve Conte, guitarist-NY Dolls

Sesu, Elda, & Natasha

Ruby Lynn Reyner, Elda Gentile Stilletto's, & Sesu

Ruby Lynn Reyner, Elda Gentile Stilletto's, & Sesu

Sesu & Ruby

Sesu & John Holmstrom of Punk Magazine

Stilletto's Performance

Stilletto's Performance

Stilletto's Performance

Stilletto's Performance

Backstage w/ The Rats

Jack Abbott Mgr. The Rats, Sesu & Musician

Elda & Sesu

Private Screening, NY Dolls Film

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